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Mrs. Anwara Begum , Chairman
Mrs. Anwara Begum , the existing chairman of Shohagh Group took the vital role to bring the present position of this group of companies from a single company Shohagh Paribahan (Pvt.) Ltd.Her husband late Mr. Younus Talukder was the founder of Shohagh Paribahan (Pvt.) Ltd. After the sudden death of Mr. Younus Talukder in july 1986 Mrs. Anwara Begum took the responsibility to rebuild Shohagh Paribahan (Pvt.) Ltd. with the active assistance of her teenaged son Md. Faruk Talukder Sohel (Now Managing Director of Shohagh Group).

She with her son stragling with the adverse situation and pressure could succeeded to make Shohagh Paribahan (Pvt.) Ltd. as most modern and biggiest transport company in Bangladesh.Further with her continuous and restless active role, from single transport company it has expnaded its working area by added another 6 (Six)  big companies.


Md. Faruk Talukder Sohel ,Managing Director
Mr.Md.Faruk Talukder Sohel was born in 4th February 1968. He joined Shohagh Paribahan (Pvt.) Limited, on 1986 as Managing Director after the sudden death of founder Chairman Mr. Yunus Talukder. By his diversified and dynamic qualities, Mr. Sohel build a successful career in modern bus transport business during the early age of his career. His acquired multidimensional and valuable experience in the sphere of management being involved with diversified business activities of the company, he has Leaded the Public Transport Business of Bangladesh towards the International standard with reputation & recognition. He has also been involving himself for expanding multidimensional business as well as Industry with latest Technology not only for SHOHAGH GROUP, but also for adding new Ideology & Concept for the Business man of Bangladesh to compete and survive with the Developed countries.

By setting up luxurious Air Condition bus service to Chittagong in 1992 with the concept of modern sophisticate service, he made Shohagh Paribahan (Pvt.) Ltd the pioneer of modern bus transport in Bangladesh. He has completed his Graduation degree in 1990. He has engaged himself with different social welfare activities at different place in Bangladesh. He is elected Vice President of “Bangladesh Bus Truck Owners Association for the year 2003-2004.


Anwar Talukder, Director (Operation and Marketing)
Mr. Anwar Talukder is a BBA and active Director Marketing and Operation of this group.For Business purpose  he has widely traveled different countries.


Ali Hasan Talukder, Director
Mr. Ali hasan talukder is a BBA. He is the director of Shohagh Group of companies since his tender age. Now looking after the transport maintainance and development.