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We Use World Famous Brands
Image The Italian company OMVL is a leading player in the Alternative Fuel Vehicles (AFY) sector, designing, manufacturing and marketing complete fueling systems for gas-propelled vehicles and for the of engines from petrol to CNG and LPG, Establish In 1980 at Argelato near Bologona, since 2001 OMVL has been part of the SIT Group, an Italian multinational specializing in safety, monitoring and control systems for domestic gas heating applications and alternative Fuel Vehicles.
Tomasetto Achil
Image Tit starts writing its history in 1991, beginning as an installation workshop of Natural Gas equipment for vehicles and acquiring a significant experience in the intimate knowledge in handling this fuel. Over 10 years of labor in the production and the development of equipment and technology for NCG have ejIed Tomasetto Achille to consolidate as pioneer, as regards quality and also in the product, as well as in the flexibility to the increasing market demands, which defines its managements style.
Image A.E.B. was created in 1984,by two young men who wanted to create a timing advance processor that would make the conversion of vehicles from petrol to CNG easier. Once the Italian market was consolidated, (which is still considered one of the worlds most important markets), A.E.B. began to expand to other countries, thereby reWoreing their position of world leader in the planning and production of electronic devices for the LPG/CNG sector. Today, there are 40 other countries on directly or indirectly rifeeive their products.
Image It is an Argentinean company with international presence deeply environment notwithstanding for the needs of every market in particular. They manufacturing seamless steel cylinders for BlBMral gas for vehicles and industrial gases at pressure for forty years. Investigation and as well as quality assurance haveused and
Image White Martins, established in 1912 and part of PRAXAIR Group, is the most important industrial gasesv company in South America and has been producing CILBRAS Cylinders, in Brazil, since 1980. White Martins is worldwide acknowledged for its state-of-the art technology in manufacturing high-pressure cylinders to store gases. All over 2.7 million
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